Anne Schreiber

Lives and works in Berlin, Germany
Born 1983 in Berlin (GDR)

2004 – 2010    Master's Degree in Fine Art
                        University of the Arts, Berlin
                        Meisterschüler, prof. Pia Fries and prof. Frank Badur


2011 – 2018    Curatorial projects; The Flying Field" with Sarah Alexander (2015-2018),
                        "Repetitive Pattern Phobia" with Dennis Meier (2011) etc.

2018 –             Member of the Deutscher Künstlerbund (Association of German Artists)

Scholarships/ Participations

2007 – 2008    Dorothea-Konwiarz-Stiftung Scholarship

2010 – 2024    Berlin Senate Studio Program

2020 – 2021    Kulturprojekte Berlin Scholarship

2021                Podcast "Artist Praxis" by Debora Faccion Grodzki and Sarah Arriagada


                        Selected Group Exhibitions

2023                TIGHTLY FIT, LOOSE KNIT Ortega y Gasset Projects, New York City, USA

2023                TIME TO SAY HELLO, Open Studios, Berlin

2019                CONCRETE, COLOR FIELD, HARD EDGE NO.6 Galerie SEHR POP UP, Koblenz

2018                THE FLYING FIELD CLB im Aufbau Haus, Berlin

2018                DIE LANDSCHAFT! Bar Babette, Berlin

2018                SPLENDID ISOLATION Bethanien Studio 1 (Alte Kapelle), Berlin

2017                DOUBLEFEATURES Galerie Bernd Lausberg, Düsseldorf

2017                HYDROPHIL Galerie Schmidt&Schütte, Köln

2017                RESTATEMENT Kunstverein Brackenheim

2017                THE FLYING FIELD Montagehalle, Berlin

2016                RESTATEMENT Galerie Schmidt&Schütte, Köln

2015                DUETT - JUNGE BERLINER KÜNSTLER, DRK Kliniken Berlin Westend, Berlin

2015                BERLIN GIRLS Galerie Lachenmann Art, Konstanz

2014                RESTATEMENT Galerie Gerd Schütte, Essen

2013                REPETITIVE PATTERN PHOBIA Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Berlin

2012                RETRAHO betahaus, Berlin

2011                PHÄNOMEN ABSTRAKTION Galerie Doris Höger Contemporary Art, Berlin

2011                MALEN IM SPECK Orangerie+Bleichhäuschen Schloss Rheda-Wiedenbrück

2009                TALPAS-LABYRINTH 6. Berliner Kunstsalon

                        Selected Solo Exhibitions

2020                #ANNESCHREIBER Lepsien Art Foundation und Verein Deutscher Ingenieure, YOO Berlin

2019                CONCRETE, COLOR FIELD, HARD EDGE NO.2: ANNE SCHREIBER Galerie SEHR, Koblenz

2017                METAPHYSICAL Galerie Schmidt&Schütte, Köln

2008                ANNE SCHREIBER - MALEREI Dorothea-Konwiarz-Stiftung, Berlin

„Anne Schreiber is a colorfield painter born and based in Berlin. She holds an MFA from the University of the Arts Berlin. Her paintings exhibit dynamic and unique interactions of structure and color. As the painter and philosopher Raimer Jochims noted (1980): "the color is indestructible; the form is its transitional gestalt.“
Artistpraxis at Ortega y Gasset Projects, New York City, USA, 2023 


„Anne’s paintings exhibit a dynamic and unique interaction of structure and color. The colors are exceptionally luminous, but their ultimate appeal lies in their precarious balance, within each painting, of both intense and muted hues. Each block of color functions both as a particular hue and as an integral component of a larger architecture.“
Steven Baris, artist, Philadelphia, USA, 2014


“The works by Anne Schreiber show colour fields which seem to have emerged from allusions to rhythm like we find it in music. Similarly to harmony, ranging from tempo allegro moderato to tempo molto staccato, a specific colour sound resulting from the sequence of differentiated tones of colour is created by emphasizing individual colour layers to the detriment of others, at times blending the transitions all the way to transparency. This way, she manages to convey the sound of her tones as a sensually aesthetic impression which highlights the outstanding quality of her works.”
Doris Höger on the occasion of the exhibition „Phänomen Abstraktion“, galerie doris hoeger contemporary art, Berlin, Germany in: Phänomen Abstraktion— aktuelle Positionen nicht-gegenständlicher Malerei (catalogue), 18. August – 8. October 2011.